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"Built without permission, by skateboarders and later sanctioned by the city, Burnside is the preeminent example of action.... Like a magnifying glass in the sun, Burnside can witness a concentration of skill level unmatched anywhere. You can see crazy, crazy things there. Go, watch, learn, be humbled, excited and inspired. It is amazing."
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Friday, February 18
O.K., I'm not sure how breaking the news is, but I just found out about it, so it's news to me. I was doing some daily interweb surfing and came across something on SK8 PDX Daily that threw me for a second. What could that be you may ask? This is what I saw,
"WORLD CUP AT BURNSIDE? Oh shit, we just heard the World Cup is going to sanction the Oregon Trifecta. it's going to go down at Burnside this year, all for NBC Television, holy shit! Putting Oregon on the map for Skate Tourism!!!! Meer, get your paint cans out! The NBC Peacock will look great on the big wall!!!!LOL!"
From SK8 PDX Daily
I thought this had to be wrong. I know that the Dew Action Sports Tour was coming through Portland in mid-August, so I thought maybe someone was confused. Wrong! I went over to the World Cup Skateboarding site to check out the 2005 concrete series and, what do you know, there's Burnside. It looks like it will be the last stop of the Trifecta tour. It also just so happens to fall on the weekend following the Action Sports Tour and the 2nd Annual Burnside Blowout.

I know I haven't said anything about the blowout yet, but that's just because it's still nearly six months away. I will have more information on the blowout around the first of April. I don't want to get anything set until I know what the outcome of the Burnside Bridgehead Project is. This summer is going to be scorching in Portland.
On a side note, thanks to Dreamland Skateparks, I have added the Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary "Full Tilt Boogie" to the Burnside History page. This documentary is about the history of Burnside and was done by some local college students, one of which skates. It's pretty good and is worth a look. You will need Quicktime to view the video. The video will start up automatically but it is a large file and will take a little while to load if you are using a dial-up connection.

That's it. Go skate!

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