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"Built without permission, by skateboarders and later sanctioned by the city, Burnside is the preeminent example of action.... Like a magnifying glass in the sun, Burnside can witness a concentration of skill level unmatched anywhere. You can see crazy, crazy things there. Go, watch, learn, be humbled, excited and inspired. It is amazing."
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Halloween at Burnside

Tuesday, October 19
It's that time of year again. The park will be getting all fixed up, the skaters will try and get some sick lines wired, and the people will start to come from all around. It's time for the 14th anniversary of Burnside on Halloween.

For those of you that haven't been to Burnside during Halloween, it's nothing really. It's just about 50 skaters all trying to get in some runs (at the same time), a ton of people watching the chaos, and lots of, uhmmm...Well, nevermind, it's nothing really.

In the past 14 years of Halloween gatherings, the list of visiting skaters is long and impressive. But my memory isn't so good, so I won't bore you with the names. Let's just say that a lot of well know skaters have made the pilgrimage, many more than once. The sessions are always intense. Of course, some years are better than others. Like Forest Gump kind of said "Halloween at Burnside is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get."

Skateboarder Mag has a good video clip (open "Halloween at Burnside")of the 10th Halloween bash submitted by Scott Taylor. It gives you a good idea what to expect when you show up.
It still isn't too late to chime in with what kind of renovation Burnside gets before this Halloween. Hop over to the forum (closed) and leave your ideas. There hasn't really been too much of a response, so if you leave something, it won't be overlooked. If you want to help out with some of the work, show up at the park anytime between Oct. 25th and 29th. I'm sure there will be someone there that can find something for you to help out with.

That's it. Go skate!

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