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"Built without permission, by skateboarders and later sanctioned by the city, Burnside is the preeminent example of action.... Like a magnifying glass in the sun, Burnside can witness a concentration of skill level unmatched anywhere. You can see crazy, crazy things there. Go, watch, learn, be humbled, excited and inspired. It is amazing."
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This Is For All The Locals

Monday, August 9
As I've been getting everything set for the upcoming Burnside Blowout on the 21st, I got a piece of interesting news, and it's not good. I am applying for a noise permit so we can have some good loud music without anybody giving us any problems. One of the requirements on the application is that I contact all of the surrounding neighbors. First let me say, a couple of our neighbors were down with it and said "No problem. Have fun." BUT....

There are a couple that aren't really into it. I'm not going to say who is and who isn't down, but those who aren't, are very against it. One neighbor isn't against the park at all, but is totally against holding any kind of event what so ever. They are very concerned that it will upset the delicate balance we have with the city right now. If there are any problems with the law or any of the local businesses, this neighbor will not step up and give a kind word for us.

Another neighbor does not like the park at all. If it were up to them, we would be 20 additional parking spaces. They have threatened to park a large vehicle right in the center of the park or some other type of action that would make the park unrideable if certain demands aren't met, and soon. I know it sounds like a hostage situation, and in a way, it is. The demands aren't really that big of a deal, but making sure they are complied with is another matter.

What are the demands? First, the trash situation needs to be kept on top of. If you are at the park, pick up after yourself. We have a big dumpster and trash cans, use them. The other is the fence. We are working on this part, but it takes money and we really don't have much of that right now. Maybe we can get some help at the Blowout. Also, DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT! This is one of the big things that really pisses certain businesses off.

So I guess the point of all of this is simple (get ready for a rant). Take care of YOUR park. If you see trash, pick it up. If you have any trash throw it in the cans and make sure it actually gets there. Respect our neighbors and they will respect us. At one time we were cool with all of our neighbors, but it seems that the new crop of locals don't seem to respect the park like they should. Remember where the park came from and respect the time and effort that went into building the park your skating. Most of you that skate it now don't give the park the respect it deserves due to the fact that you haven't put anything into it or forgot about it's roots. Don't screw this up right now. There is a lot happening within the city that will directly effect the park. We need to show the local businesses and the city that we care about the park and will do everything in our power to keep it there.

That's it. Go skate!

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