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"Built without permission, by skateboarders and later sanctioned by the city, Burnside is the preeminent example of action.... Like a magnifying glass in the sun, Burnside can witness a concentration of skill level unmatched anywhere. You can see crazy, crazy things there. Go, watch, learn, be humbled, excited and inspired. It is amazing."
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1st Annual Punk As Fuck Nontest

Monday, June 7
If you want to see what skating at Burnside is all about, then you don't want to miss out on any kind of gathering that will draw out the talent. Kent Dahlgren, O.G. skatepark advocate, wants to get something going called a Nontest. A nontest is about the only thing that will work at Burnside. Contests, no. Nontests, yes.

From Sleestak
I'm selling my house. As soon as it closes and I get my money I'm putting $1000 into a Burnside "nontest." Just a blowout, donations to be collected for both the Lincoln City III and Pier Park remodel fundraisers. Just talked to Red and he has lots of product to also throw into the event.

What's a "nontest?" It's sort of like a contest, except it doesn't suck. It's a snake session, full out. At some point whomever earns the loudest screams/board slapping wins. Not sure how the prize structure will work but I figure something like $500 to first place, $350 for second...uh...whatever's left for third.

I'm trying to talk Mark into making this a larger event, with a demolition derby somewhere. Bonfire, etc. Something like Burningman except it won't be gay and won't suck.

I'm shooting for throwing this when Oby, Scott, and Kellison arrive in PDX from Arkansas/Louisiana. We figure that will be in July sometime. Stay tuned for specific info.

I'll make sure that info is posted as soon as I get it.
This weekend wasn't all that bad down at the park. There wasn't a ton of raging skaters tearing it up, they were all out at Lincoln City for the big demo, but on Saturday, there were a couple of kids that were throwing down pretty good lines. They didn't really speak english, I think they were from Brazil, so I didn't get to talk to them. Great riding though.
My first run let me know how my skating was going to go, I dropped in on the elbow, carved the square bowl pocket, came back to the elbow, went for b-side D, overshot, landed to b-side noseblunt, board shoots out, hip connects with coping, superman down tranny, good morning Burnside.
I didn't skate on Sunday. I hung out with my family.
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